Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tumblr Talk

I seem to have abandoned tumblr since like Christmas due to exams and what not, but today I decided to log on and wow I am back being obsessed with it. I first got tumblr like 4 years ago and used it purely to show my own photos/quotes, but then after getting at my friend Joanna for constantly reblogging other peoples posts I started doing it to. On my dashboard I'd always see really cute photos (mainly of giraffes and harry potter!) and feel obliged to reblog them all until I would reach the limit for that day! Hours seem fly by when you're just sitting there scrolling and reblogging and you find that you have wasted a whole day!
I remember when I discovered when you could press ALT and reblog to instantly reblog a post without having to go to the default reblogging page...seriously changed my life!
I'm not ususally one to blow my own trumpet but when I go onto my own tumblr page I think how can someone not love this! I have such cute pictures and a nice song in the background...so on this occasion I will quite proudly blow my own trumpet!