Friday, 10 May 2013

Backpack Retirement

I got this backpack from a little store in Spain 6/7 years ago..I saw it when I was on holiday with my family and fell in love instantly and had to purchase it. A few Christmas' later I got a little metal whale bottle opener in a cracker, which I named 'Walter'..I thought he'd look perfect dangling from my bag and so he has lived there ever since.
I remember one day when I was walking to school with my friend Joanna, I went to check if Walter was still there, but I couldn't feel a panic i ripped my bag off to check and found he was tucked inside the front pocket! Jo thought it was hilarious but I nearly cried with worry!
This backpack has seen me through high school, sixth form and my first year of university, as well as numerous holidays and 3 years of work. All that work has taken its toll on my bag though..It's filthy and has many holes throughout the lining and bottom.
It's very sad to say but I think this backpack must finally go into retirement to only be used when absolutely necessary.