Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Maybelline Haul January 2014

- Maybelline Big Eyes Double Ended Mascara
- Maybelline Baby Lips in Fresh Mint
- Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

I was sick for most of January so I thought some new beauty products might cheer me up, and these 3 definitely did! I saw a commercial for the Maybelline big eyes mascara and thought it would be another one of those products that will disappoint, this however was very different. It has a large end for the upper lashes and a smaller end for the lower lashes, such a great invention, the lower lash wand makes applying mascara to the lower lash line so much easier and cleaner, definitely worth the hype its received.
Maybelline baby lips have been hyped over so much in the world of YouTube, so I had to jump on the band wagon! I've tried a couple of them but the colours don't seem to suit my skin tone, apart from the fresh mint one, which funnily enough is clear! I think I prefer the fact that it is mint flavoured over anything else, but it seems to do a good job of moisturising my lips.
The Maybelline baby skin face primer promises some good things, it claims to instantly erase your pores. Now I'm not sure that it actually does, but it does leave my skin feeling smooth and creates a good base for my foundation, which I guess it the whole point of a primer!

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