Monday, 20 May 2013

Exam #2

I've got my second (and penultimate!) exam tomorrow and tbh it's pretty pointless. Firstly the module is about the lecturer's research, which is all very interesting to read about in my free time, but to actually have to answer mcq questions on seems a bit daft. Secondly, the exam is only an hour long, which means my dad has to drive me over an hour in the car, just for an hour of pointlessness. And thirdly, we have been marked 39% worth of the module already for attendance and an assignment, therefore we only have to get 1% in the exam to pass!

Rant aside, I have actually found out some pretty interesting things from the research, for example, you can prevent a decease in immunity during heavy training by taking dietary supplements and ensuring sufficient fluid intake...pretty interesting huh?
Since I was ill at Christmas I have been really interested in immune function so this has actually been fun to research and will hopefully provide a basis for my third year research project.