Sunday, 26 May 2013


Today, my mum decided she wanted a day out, so we headed off for the Hollies farm shop near Winsford, which seems to be my mums favourite destination at the moment. To be fair it's a really nice and interesting place, there's this really cool barn which is full of gifts and a farm shop.
After visiting the farm shop we went to visit a posh hotel, it turns out there was a Jewish wedding going on so we got trapped in the car park along with a load of very smartly dressed wedding guests...a little annoying but we got to see a bit of a different culture, and the music was pretty good too.
On the way back we decided to go for a walk along part of the sandstone trail, it's literally my favourite walk to go on! You go down and then up a big hill through the woods, it's so peaceful being surrounded by trees and greenery, especially today as the weather was so nice. Part the way up the hill we passed a field with a load of cows in it, these cows are so friendly they let me pet their heads whilst the licked my hands and slobbered all over my jacket.
I really can't wait for the summer so I can spend more time exploring out in the sun.