Monday, 9 September 2013


Last week I went on a family holiday to Jersey. It is such a gorgeous island with loads of beaches and plenty of sunshine.
On our first day we explored the capital, St Helier, which has all the main high street shops as well as some little independent stores. Over the next couple of days we ventured out into many of the other little towns on the island via the local bus services. Because Jersey is an island most of the towns are on the coast and therefore have great beaches with lovely views, made better by the sun.
On our third day we did an island boat tour which took two and a half hours and sailed around the coast showing us the historic features and scenery.
The last day we decided to visit the zoo as it is apparently world famous, and it definitely didn't disappoint. They don't have all the animals typically found at a zoo, but they specialise in gorillas, orang-utans and tortoises (all of my favourite animals!)
It was a great week spent with my family and I think we all enjoyed the stress free time spent away from work!