Tuesday, 24 September 2013

First Day Back At University

Cable-Knit Jumper - £15 at H&M
Leigh Jeans by Topshop - £47
Tan Oxford Brogues - £55 at Clarks

Today was my first day back at university as a second year, as if that wasn't stressful enough I started at a different uni to last year as a transfer student. So as well as not knowing my way around the campus, I don't know anybody on my course! Luckily I seem to have become BFFs with my course leader/ personal tutor so at least I have one friend!
Because I'm knew to the uni I had to take part in some introductory lectures with the new freshers (who were all looking a bit worse-for-ware after a few heavy nights!), this made me feel a lot more at home because at least I knew some of the lecturers already and knew the ins and outs of a sports science degree. In one of the lectures we had to discuss what we knew about Biomechanics, and because I had already studied this module in first year I was singled out to tell everyone what I knew, kind of embarrassing there to start off as a know it all!
The most exciting part of the day was probably receiving my new student card (as my old one is for the wrong university now) which comes in a little wallet with a cute smiley face on the front. It was a mammoth task getting it though as everybody I went to see sent me off to see somebody else.
I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of this week and my next two years spent at this university.