Sunday, 3 March 2013

Rowing #1

I can't even describe how much of a good time i've had today..

The day didn't start off too great having to wake up at 7am on a Sunday, then to make it worse I had a spontaneous nose bleed! It was so lovely and peaceful walking around campus when everyone else is in bed and the weather was perfect too, made up for the ealry start by far.
The bus (as predicted) was very late, but when we finally arrived in Llanberis we were greated by perfect rowing conditions; flat water and sunshine.
After assembling the boat and getting them into the water we finally climbed into the boats and set off rowing. I don't think there is a better feeling then getting into a good stroke rhythm and having the wind in your hair listening to nothing but the sounds of the blades gliding through the water.
The trickiest part is getting the boat into the water and then getting yourself into the boat, to do this you have to walk bare foot down the gravel and wade into the water..not a pleasant experience when the ground is rough and the water is icey..note to self: Buy flip flops!

This has been, by far, the best day I have had at univeristy and I can't wait to get back out onto the water again..