Saturday, 26 October 2013

Make-up Revival

Make up doesn't have to be thrown out or ignored if it is the wrong shade or you have simply gotten bored with it. These quick and easy tips will leave you with a refreshed make up collection and less waste!

1. It is a quite common mistake to pick out foundation and powders which are too dark for your skin tone, however it doesn't have to be wasted. Simply use as a bronzer to add subtle colour and contours to your cheeks in the 3E motion.

2. Shimmer bricks, bronzers and certain coloured blushes can double up as eye-shadow, both matte and shimmery finishes work great for creating neutral eye looks.

3. Subtle pink, coral and orange/red lipsticks and lip balms can be used as blush. Simply apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and blend it out for a natural glowing look.

4. DIY - Crush an old eye shadow into a powder texture and carefully add to a bottle of clear nail varnish, stir well. This will create cheap nail varnishes in any colour that you chose.

5. DIY - Crush an old eye shadow (preferably reds, pinks, oranges, nudes) and carefully add to a pot of clear lip balm and mix well. This will create lip balms with added colour.