Sunday, 16 June 2013

Swim Teaching #2

I have just completed my second weekend on the level 1 swimming teaching course, and like last week I had a whale of a time.
I had a lovely stage 2 class on Saturday morning and tried to help them I improve their leg technique but they seemed to be having more fun playing with the sinkers, so I decided to adapt my lesson plan to just playing...however, they did have to swim to reach the sinkers so I'd call it 'playing with a purpose!'
On Sunday morning I had a stage 6/7 class with only two boys in it and luckily they were both very well behaved and confident swimmers. I had them practise front crawl and back stroke then since they had improved so much and had put a lot of effort in we spent the last part of the lesson diving in.
Today (Sunday) was our practical assessment day, so we had an internal verifier come and observe our lessons as well as our tutor observing too...puts a lot of pressure on us to do well! Luckily we all passed as competent.
I can't wait for next weekend as we are finally learning how to teach the correct techniques for the different strokes which is what I find most interesting.