Monday, 10 June 2013

Swim Teaching #1

I decided a while back that I wanted to become a swimming teacher so I booked onto an ASA accredited level 1 course.The course is spread over 3 consecutive weekends and will allow me to assist large classes and teach small classes.
I have just completed my first weekend, and excusing the pun, we were thrown in at the deep end! We arrived at 8am on the Saturday morning and were told that we'd be teaching a class of real children at 8:30am! I was so nervous considering I'd never taught before, but once I'd had time to plan my lesson and met the kids I was fine.
My first class was stage 4, so luckily they could already swim a bit... we had a really fun lesson learning back stroke and one kid actually said that it was the most fun lesson she'd ever had!
On the Sunday I had a stage 1 class, they could barely swim at all but luckily none of them cried! They seemed to have a lot of fun playing a traffic light and collecting game which I had organised, so I think the lesson was generally a success.
The theory of the course is good too, seems to be a lot of recapping of the lifeguard course that I did over 3 years ago, as well as incorporating stroke techniques and the skills required of the national plan stages. I have also met some really nice people on the course which I am sure I will stay in contact with when we finish.
I really cannot wait for the next two weekends to come so I can teach some more kids!