Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fitness Update

Since one of my latest posts on health and fitness I have regularly been going to the gym to do cardio, weights and several different fitness classes. In the past few weeks I have really noticed a change in my body and fitness levels. My arms and legs especially have become significantly more toned and muscular and my core feels a lot stronger, I'll admit I still have a way to go before I am fully happy with my body but the improvements I have been seeing are definitely a step in the right direction. My general strength has significantly improved with me being able to lift more and more each time I go to the gym.
My favourite part of this journey has been the ability within myself to continually push myself further and further, especially during the HIIT class that I have been attending daily and loving. There is honestly nothing more satisfying than having the fitness instructor complement my form and ability to complete the workouts.