Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year, New Hair(ish!)

I have had long straggly hair for the longest time, which I will admit has been full of split ends! As much as I love having that 'just got out of the sea' hair look (which I do!), my mum finally convinced me to have my hair cut.
The salon that I used to go to charges something ridiculous like £40-£50 for a simple cut and blow dry, and as nice as my hair used to look afterwards, I couldn't justify that price. So I decided to go to my local hairdressers and she did the exact same job and only charged me £14.50!
Admittedly all I have had done is a couple of inches off the length and layers but my hair feels so much thicker and healthier. I am glad that I finally gave in to my mums peer pressure to have it cut!

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